As with all research there are always findings that just do not seem to link up with the mainline. I am reproducing some of those findings here in the hope that they may be of value to other researchers and we may ultimately find those links that I am sure must exist.

KEECHes in Charmouth and Swyre

First Generation

John KEECH (buried 6 May 1738, Charmouth) most likely from Beaminster and brother of Joseph KEECH of Beaminster married Elizabeth (no marriage yet found) around 1712. John and Elizabeth had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth baptised 10 Feb 1713 at Charmouth and married William HEWER(no marriage yet found)
  2. John baptised 18 Aug 1715 at Charmouth
  3. Jasper baptised 7 Oct 1719 at Charmouth
  4. Jeffrey baptised 29 Mar 1724 at Charmouth
  5. Mary baptised 20 Aug 1728 and buried 4 Apr 1786 at Charmouth

Second Generation

The Family of John Keech & Elizabeth

John Keech baptised 18 Aug 1715 married Israel Walbridge at Wraxall by licence on 16 Mar 1745. John and Israel had the following children:

  1. John baptised 29 Apr 1747, Charmouth
  2. Anne baptised 13 Feb 1749, Charmouth buried 11 Jan 1770, Swyre

Third Generation

The Family of John Keech and Israel Walbridge

It seems that after the death of John Keech, Israel Keech moved with the family to Swyre. Israel subsequently married Joseph Motyer on 16 Apr 1761 at Swyre.

John Keech baptised 29 Apr 1747, Charmouth married Mary Roberts at Puncknowle on 7 Apr 1777. John and Mary had the following children:

  1. Henry baptised 6 Jul 1777, Swyre
  2. John baptised 20 Sep 1778 and buried 7 Sep 1779, Swyre
  3. Richard baptised 9 Jan 1780, Swyre
  4. John baptised 17 Jan 1781, Swyre
  5. Elizabeth baptised 3 Nov 1782, Swyre married Edward Pearce at Swyre on the 22nd Aug 1807
  6. Mary baptised 21 Dec 1783, Swyre
  7. Sarah baptised 23 Jul 1790, Swyre married Henry Bishop at Swyre on the 24th Oct 1815.

Fourth Generation

The Family of John Keech and Mary Roberts

  1. Henry Keech baptised 6 Jul 1777 at Swyre married Jane Gray at Bothenhampton on the 14th May 1816. He was buried at Swyre on the 13th Mar 1858. Henry and Jane had the following children:
    1. Charles baptised 11 Feb 1820 at Chideock. Buried 21 Jan 1876 at Swyre.
    2. Jemima baptised on the 19th Aug 1821 at Chideock. Buried 10 Feb 1844 at Swyre.
    3. Jane Eliza baptised on 9th Feb 1823 at Chideock.
    4. Mary baptised 6 Feb 1831 at Puncknowle.
  2. John Keech baptised 17 Jan 1781 at Swyre married Ann Hardy on the 21st Dec 1814 at Swyre. He died on the 8th Apr 1853 at Dorchester County Hospital. Ann his wife was buried on the 22nd Mar 1858 at Puncknowle John and Ann had the following children:
    • Mary Keech baptised 23 Feb 1817 at Swyre married Joseph Cox on the 21st Dec 1846 at Puncknowle.