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Extracts of the Sussex Poll of 1820 that relate to Worthing & Broadwater

To have the right to vote you needed to be a freeholder. However it was not actually a requirement to live within the county to have a vote. The information available on each freeholder is:-

    place of residence

    location of freehold property

    the nature/type of freehold property

    the occupier’s name or self

Surname Forename Abode Freehold Type Occ surname Occ forename
Martyn Rev. Richard Midhurst Worthing land Heather John
Kindleside William Angmering Worthing land Heather James
Johnson Henry Easebourne Worthing house Hammond J
Smart Joseph Worthing   house self + others  
Armstrong William Arundel Worthing house Lane E
Lipscomb John Worthing   house self  
Stanford Edward Worthing   house + land self  
Smith John Weller Worthing   house self + another  
Edwards John Worthing   house self  
Davis Thomas Worthing   house Belton William
Stedman Clement Worthing   house + land Edwards S
Toogood William Worthing   house self  
Wicks Edward Worthing   house + land self  
Bridger Charles Worthing   house + land self  
Mills Percy Worthing   house + land self  
More Thomas Worthing   house self + another  
Bennett Thomas Worthing   house self + another  
Pullen John Worthing   house self + another  
Goddard Thomas Worthing   house self  
Hodges William Worthing   house self  
More Edward Worthing   house self  
Marshall William Worthing   house self  
White Henry Worthing   house + land self  
Heather James Worthing   house + land self  
Hart John Worthing   house self  
Perkins Charles Worthing   house + shop self  
Steer George Worthing   house Woodman Mr
Redford Thomas Worthing   house self  
Wicks Henry Worthing   house self + another  
Burden Thomas Worthing   house + land self  
Shepherd Ayling Worthing   house self + others  
Price Thomas Worthing   house self  
Belton Richard Worthing   house self  
Stubbs Frank Worthing   shop self  
Wicks John Worthing   house self  
Stubbs Richard Worthing   house Belton Richard
More John Curtis Worthing   house self  
Botting Henry Worthing   house self  
Stubbs Samuel Worthing   house self  
Sewell James Worthing   house self  
Caplin John Worthing   house self  
Bacon Richard Worthing   house + land Stubbs Richard
Lloyd Peter Worthing   house self  
Fuller Thomas Worthing   house + land self  
Nichols John Worthing   house self  
More John Corvan Worthing   house self  
Greenfield George Worthing   shop self  
Lamport John Broadwater Worthing house self  
Lelliot Henry Broadwater Worthing house Tydy Mr
Lucas William Worthing   house + shop self  
Churcher William Worthing   house + land self  
Palmer Thomas Worthing   house self + others  
Wingfield George Worthing   house Fuller Mr
Stubbs William Worthing   land self  
Bennett William Worthing   house self  
Hards Edward Broadwater   house + land self  
Rogers John Worthing   house self  
Emery Richard Parham Worthing house Munday W
Ward Joseph Worthing   house self  
Piper James Broadwater   house self  
Hibditch John Broadwater   house self  
Knight Charles Worthing   house Bateman  
Weller Richard Clapham Broadwater house + garden West  
Ide George Ferring Worthing house Carter + others  
Wood Rev. Peter Broadwater   rectory self  
Hill Thomas Heene Worthing house Smith  
Holcombe William Tarring Worthing house Dyer  
Hill William Sompting Broadwater land Sandall  
Olliver Edward Goring Worthing house Pudwick  
Corfe James Littlehampton Worthing house Pigot + others  
Brookbanks Richard Salvington Worthing house Lindup  
Burfield James Rustington Worthing house self  
Snelling John Worthing   house self  
Whitmore John Worthing   house self + others  
Edmunds George Tarring Worthing house Lutter  
Burfield George Worthing   house self  
Elliot Jeremiah Worthing   house Parsons  
Evershed Edward Worthing   house self  
Bacon James Worthing   house Wood  
Mitchell Charles Worthing   house self  
Head John Worthing   house + land self  
Cranston James Worthing   house self  
Lucas Edward Tarring Worthing house Sturt  
Copping John Worthing   house self + others  
Lindup John Worthing Tarring house + land self  
Penfold William Worthing   house self  
Bacon John Worthing   house self  
Lucas George Worthing   house self  
Lackett John Worthing   house self  
Edwards William Worthing   house self  
Hallyer John Worthing   house self + others  
Newland Richard Broadwater   house + land self  
Heather John Worthing   house self  
Jones John Worthing   house self  
Penfold Edward Broadwater   house + land self  
Viner Charles Worthing   house self  
Marley Richard Worthing   house Heather  
Ide Richard Worthing   mill self  
Street William Goring Worthing house Goodman  
Rice John Esq Shoreham Worthing house Smith  
Green John Havant Worthing house Green  
Ireland Richard Brighton Worthing house Lassetter  
Verrall William Worthing   house self  
Bacon Samuel Worthing   house Verrall  
Humphrey James Donnington Broadwater house Dendy  
Ede Charles Worthing   land self  
Penfold Hugh Wigginholt Worthing house unknown  
Tribe William Worthing   house self  
Newland H Esq Worthing   house + land self  
Newland John Esq Broadwater   land self  
Tayler George Worthing   house self  
Harris Thomas Worthing   house self  
Carter Charles snr Worthing   house Simmonds  
Denman George Worthing   house Farren  
Trevett John Worthing   house self  
Groves William Worthing   house + land Williams  
Wakeford Thomas Worthing   land self  
Penfold Richard Broadwater   land self  
Dale Thomas Warnham Worthing house Teesdale  
Dale Henry Warnham Worthing house Nottingham  
Dedman William Shoreham Worthing house Chelwich  
Dedman James Shoreham Worthing house Dedman G
Vallence John Hove Worthing land Wilkins  
Hard Edward Broadwater   house self  
Inkpen William Broadwater   house self  
Jones Richard Worthing   house self  
Parsons George Broadwater   house self  
Verrall Henry Steyning Worthing house Budd + others  
Tribe James Findon Worthing house Veal + another  
Smart James Guildford Broadwater house Wicks  
Nettleford William London Broadwater house Sandell  
Hopkins James Worthing   house self  
Newland William Torrington Worthing house + land self  
Hart James Worthing   house self  
Long John Worthing   house self  
Cartwright Ambrose Worthing   house + land self + others  
Ogle James Esq London Worthing house + land self + another  
Cooper Isaac Worthing   house self  
Patrick Henry Worthing Lancing house + land unoccupied  
Cobden William Henry London Worthing house Jones  
Wicks James Worthing   house self + others  
Wicks William Worthing   house self  
Pain Thomas Pyecomb Worthing house Newman  
Dean George Worthing   house + land self  
Bolton Henry Esq Leatherhead Broadwater house Parsons  
Knight Henry Worthing   house self  
Trevett John Worthing   house self  
Mitchell Charles Worthing   house self  
Morley George Worthing pew   self + others  
France William London Worthing      
Stringer Michael Worthing   land self  
Lassetter William Worthing pew   self + other  
Richardson W. Esq Chichester Worthing land self  
Mitchell James Worthing New Shoreham house + land West + another  
French Francis Broadwater Worthing house Hares  
Teague James Horsted Worthing house Penfold  
French John Worthing   house Penn  
Spencer J Whinrey Holborn Worthing house Miller  

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Pubs/Hotels and Inns

Broadwater/Worthing Pubs, Hotel & Inns, Previous Names or No Longer in Existence

Pub/Hotel Name Location Information/Previous Name(s)
Albion Hotel Portland Road Original c1800 closed 1961 now Gamley's Toy Shop
Alexandra Hotel Lyndhurst Road Opened c1870.
Anchor Inn Lyndhurst Road Also called the Golden Anchor. Refurbished & renamed in 1988 The Jack Horner
Beach Hotel Heene Parade Opened 1915
Beechwood Hall Hotel Park Crescent Originally two cottages "The Swiss Cottages". Opened as hotel in 1931
Black Horse Tarring By 1770 became the Black Lion. Closed 1839. Site now Church Cottages, no 71
Brewers Arms Broadwater Street West Owned by Thomas Luff c1852, became the Brewers Arms 1870 and the Cricketers by 1876
Brewers Arms 30 Marine Parade A beer shop then public house c1905-1930
The Broadwater 4, Broadwater Street West Was The Malsters became The Broadwater in 1989
Brunswick Hotel Thorn Road was the King & Queen became Brunswick in 1874
Buckingham Arms 80 Montague Street Closed 1987. Now Body Shop
Bull Inn Goring Street Called the Bull's Head until 1904
Burlington Hotel Marine Parade First called the Heene, then West Worthing Hotel until 1890
Cannon 29 Chatsworth Road (Cook's Row) J.Feest beer retailer 1866, Brewery 1870. Dining Rooms 1934. Demolished 1974
Castle Hotel 1 Newland Road c1873.
Castle Inn 36 High Street, Tarring Formerly Old Castle 1762-. Closed in 1911
Celestial Empire Ann Street Beer House c1840. William Carter landlord
Central Hotel Station Approach 1898 Queen Ann Style. Now Chapman's Hotel
Chatsworth Hotel Steyne Converted from boarding house in 1933. Purchased the Steyne Hotel in 1956
Cissbury Hotel 167 Findon Road Red brick built 1934-35. Demolished for flats (Cissbury Court) in 1995
Clock 112-114 Chapel Road Was Clock Brewery and Malthouse until 1857, when it became a beershop. Closed 1876
Clifton Arms Clifton Road c1853.
Coach & Horses Arundel Road Built 1741 as Rose & Crown changing to present name in 1763
Cobden Arms Cobden Road c1868. Now called the Richard Cobden
Cricketers Arms Broadwater Street West Originally the Brewers Arms, became Cricketers Arms by 1876
Crown Inn Chapel Road The Railway Hotel then the Lennox 1965-1994 was possible the Crown. Became Rivoli 1994. Demolished 2005/6
Dolphin 51 Dominion Road Angola Road built 1931. Was used for Roman Catholic services.
Downlands Upper Brighton Road Built 1939. Long time Beefeater. Re-opening 2007 as Toby Carvery
Downview Hotel Tarring Road Built 1891 following the opening of West Worthing Station
Dragoon Market Street Opened as Volunteer Inn c1820, renamed The Dragoon in 1945. Closed 1969 and demolished
Egremont Inn Brighton Road Built in 1835
The Elms 66 Broadwater Street East 1927 built adjacent to the former Elm Villa
Engineers Arms Broadwater Opened c1880 (Tamplins). Closed in 1927
The Feathers 53 Portland Road Also called the Ostrich and Prince of Wales Feathers or Three Feathers. Closed 1926
Fisherman Inn Paragon Street Open during the 1830s
Fountain Inn Chapel Road Built c.1890. Now called the Assembly
George Hotel Goring Road Opened for the Jubilee of George V, 1935
George and Dragon Inn High Street, Tarring Called The White Horse until 1781, then the George and from 1855 George and Dragon
Globe Inn 73 Newland Road Built c1866
Golden Lion 7, The Strand Prefab Pub 1951, followed by cottage style building opened 1962
Grand Hotel Projected in 1908 on site of Royal Sea House Hotel (Arcade)
Half Brick Inn Ham Road Opened 1835, damaged by sea 1850 and 1869. Rebuilt 1874 for local brickmakers using "bats" or half-bricks
Half Moon Salvington Opened c1854 in 18th century cottages. Closed 1910 and now a private house
Ham Hotel Ham Road Red brick 1927
Hare and Hounds 81, Portland Road Named on the 1852 map, but for many years listed as a beer retailer
John Selden Arms Salvington Road Tile and rough cast 1910
Jolly Brewers Clifton Road Opened 1835 as Brewers Arms. Only remaining building of the former "New Town" road cottages
King and Queen Thorn Road c1839. Renamed Brunswick Hotel 1874. Beershop 8 Brunswick Road became King and Queen until 1900
Kings Arms 99 Montague Street 1830. Demolished 1965
Lamb Inn Salvington Road Recorded 1809. Rebuilt or remodelled in tile and roughcast c1920
Lennox Hotel Chapel Road 1965-1994. Before that the Railway Hotel. Demolished 2005/6 now flats
Majestic Grand Avenue A scheme to complete the Towers (now Dolphin Court) to create a Hotel Majestic
Malsters Arms 4 Broadwater Street West Malsters first recorded 1796. Briefly called Millwright's Arms 1828. Rebuilt c1932 and renamed "The Broadwater 1989
Marine Hotel Opened c1780 as the New Inn. Rebuilt 1826 as the Marine Hotel. Demolished 1965
Metropole Plans passed in 1893 for a 370 room Hotel Metropole at Grand Avenue but never happened
Montague Arms Montague Street c1868. Large stucco building at the east corner of Surrey Street
Montague Brewery 62 Montague Street Brewery and beer retailer by 1885. closed c1914
Mulberry Hotel Sea Lane, Goring Opened 1937 on the site of Peacock Farm (Hotel)
Nelson Inn 40 South Street Built c1785. Closed 1961.
New Inn c1780 managed by John Bacon. Rebuilt 1826 as the Marine Hotel
New Street Inn 13-15 New Street Beer House c1832. Brewery in 1863 through until 1936. Renamed A Town's Pride in 1991
Norfolk (Arms) Hotel Chapel Road Built 1850. Rebuilt as Norfolk Hotel 1932. Demolished 2005/6
North Star 192 Littlehampton Road, Durrington Recorded in 1869. Rebuilt c1928
Old House at Home 77 Broadwater Street East Beer House 1832, the name appearing in 1907.
Ostrich Inn see The Feathers
Parade Wine Lodge Marine Parade Opened 1950 by Roberts. Later called the Litten Tree. Now demolished
Parsons Hotel see Sea House Hotel
Peacock Hall Hotel 19th century. Demolished 1936 for the Mulberry Hotel
Pier Hotel see Wellington Inn
Prince of Wales Feathers see The Feathers
Prince of Wales Inn 139 Montague Street c1880-1895. Stood next to Rose & Crown
Railway Hotel Chapel Road Possibly originally the Crown. The Lennox 1965-1994 and then Rivoli
Rambler Inn 12 West Street c1830. Closed 1931, site now Wyvern Court
Rivoli Chapel Road see Railway Hotel
Rose & Crown 169-173 Montague Street
Royal George 29 Market Street Built 1810. Demolished 1968
Royal Oak 67 Brighton Road Built c1835 on the site of "Saltbox Cottage". Rebuilt in 1935
Royal Sea House Hotel see Sea House Hotel
Running Horse Inn 21 Paragon Street Edward Stilwell landlord in 1835. Street and Inn demolished 1961
Sea House Hotel Original Inn possible on Worthing common south of Bedford Row. Renamed Royal after Queen Adelaide's stay 1849
Selden Arms 41 Lyndhurst road 1869 or before
The Ship 31 South Street Opened as the Ship Grill in 1933. Closed 1984
Ship Inn Goring Existed in Goring in the 18th century, location unknown
Ship Inn Church Road, Tarring Existed c1650 near present nos. 42-48
Skindles Hotel Alternative name for the former Marine Hotel
Southdown Hotel 38 Northcourt Road Opened 1896
Spaniard Hotel Portland Road Original c1790. Rebuilt 1936 but later demolished
Sportsman Inn Heene Road Beer House c1840 adjoining Heene Lodge no. 94
Spotted Cow Salvington c1887. Closed 1910 and rebuilt as the John Selden
Stanhoe Hotel See Trafalgar House
Steyne Hotel Worthing's first hotel opened 1st July 1807. Purchased by the Chatsworth in 1956
Sussex Yeoman Corner of Littlehampton & Palatine Roads Opened by Tamplins 1967.
Swan Inn Originally Richard Lindup's House built c1790. Became an inn 1849
Thieves Kitchen 10, Warwick Street see Vintners Arms. Once meeting place of local tradesmen hence the name.
Thomas a' Becket Rectory Road Queen Anne style 1911-1912
Three Feathers see Feathers
Town's Pride see New Street Inn
Victoria Arms 103 Montague Street Date uncertain. Renamed Victoria Inn c1950. Closed 1984 and reconstructed as shops
The Vine 27-29 High Street, Tarring Beer shop and brewery est. 1843. Called the Vine (Brewery) from c1887
Vintners Arms 10 Warwick Street Opened in 1808, sold to St George's Taverns 1977. Long time known as the Thieves Kitchen
Volunteer Inn 5 Market Street Opened c1820 and renamed The Dragoon in 1945. Closed 1969 and demolished
Warne's Hotel York Terrace Originally York Terrace but became Warne's Hotel. Sadly burned down in 1987 and subsequently demolished
Warwick Arms 25 Warwick Street A beer shop and brewery was located at the rear c1833
Wellington Inn Marine Parade Originally Marine Cottage (By 1814)
Wheatsheaf Inn Richmond Road Opened c1835
White Hart 121 Montague Street c1835. Closed and demolished 1984
White Horse North Street Beer House existing in 1852
White Horse Tarring Early 17th Century
Wigmore Arms Corner Wigmore and Leigh Roads Opened 1926. For a short while named "the Far Post" in 1970/80s. Demolished 2005/6 for flats

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Broadwater/Worthing Streets with Previous Names or No Longer in Existence

Street Name Old Name or Location if No Longer in Existence
Ambrose Place Referred to as Mount Pleasant c1840
Augusta Place Trafalgar Place (Princess Agusta's visit 1829-1830)
Bath Place Bath Buildings; Wicks Baths
Beach Parade Faggot Walk (i.e. bundles of sticks used to counter sea erosion)
Beach Row No longer exists, whereabouts unknown
Bedford Row Bloss's Buildings (Bloss's Boarding House no. 7)
Belle Vue No longer exists, was the north end of Portland Road from 87 to Richmond Road
Bost Hill Paygate Lane (Toll-gate on Findon Road in 1823)
Brewery Place No longer exists, whereabouts unknown
Brighton Road East Lane
Broadwater Road The Pike (made a turnpike road in 1803)
Bury Drive The Bury (ancient footpath extending eastwards to Goring Church)
Chapel Road New London Road (North end)
Chatsworth Road Cook's Row and Lane, the eastern end demolished 1903
Clifton Road New Town Road
Crescent Road New Road c1843 leading to Park Crescent
Crockhurst Hill Crockodile or Crocker's Hill or Dell (John Crocker land owner)
Cutmill Lane No longer exists, was at Broadwater, after former water mill
Dominion Road Ham or Decoy Lane
Downview Road Millers Lane (Heene Mill); Cissbury View
Elm Grove Tarring-end Lane; Hogdell's Corner (North end)
Forest Road Butchers Lane
Francis Place No longer exists, was between Market Street and Chatsworth Road, later called George Street
George Street see Francis Place
Gloucester Place No longer exists, formerly Pusses Croft between 86-88 Montague Street. Demolished 1964-5
Grand Avenue Ladies Mile
Gratwicke Road Clarendon Place
Gravel Terrace No longer exists, was 1 and 2 Marine Parade, sometimes Greville Terrace
Ham Road Ham Lane, renamed Dominion Road north of Railway 1903
Heene Road Heene Lane; High Street
Hertford Road Present Hertford Road dates from c1880, earlier Hertford Road wheabouts unknown
High Street Old Worthing Street (qv)
Hill Barn Lane Hill Lane
Jeffries Lane Bottom of the sack, i.e. cul-de-sac (Richard Jeffries lived there 1886-1887)
Kings Row No longer exists, was a lane at north end of Paragon Street
Lambell's Lane No longer exists, was Wigmore Road area
Library Place Steyne Mews
Little High Street Hampers Lane
Lyndhurst Road Anchor Lane until 1874, then renamed after Charles Heather's Lyndhurst Villa
Marine Parade Esplanade; South Road (west end)
Marine Place An alternative name c1800. Houses on the West side were called Copping's Row
Market Street Only a few yards of the Chapel Road end survive
Montague Place Seven Houses
Montague Street Cross or West Lane. Montague (Lords of the Manor) Street by 1804
Navarino Road Navarino (Windmills)
Nelson Passage No longer so named, South Street to Marine Parade, south side of no. 40
New Styles Passage No longer exists, was between Chapel Road and High Street
North Street West Street; Neww North Street (1843)
Paragon Street or Place Now multi-storey car park east of Augusta Place
Park Road East Street
Portland Place No longer exists, now built over by Marks & Spencer
Portland Road Chapel Street (South end) from 1810, Belle Vue (North end) until c1880
Poulters Lane Polltree Cross-roads (1418); Poltree Lane (1875). Also Lovers' Walk and Shady Lane
Quashetts Squashes. The ancient footpath from the top of High Street to the Square, Broadwater
Richmond Road Park (Crescent) Lane (west end); Richmond Place (east end)
Rob Roy Square No longer exists, was off Market Street
Rowlands Road Roughlands Fields
Royal Row Was probably the west side of Paragon Street
Shelley Road Central Road (completed 1894)
South Farm Road Brooksteed or Brookstead Lane; South Farm Lane
South Place Brook Street
St. Botolph's Road Cissbury View
Steyne Steyne Field; Steyne Row (west side)
Steyne Gardens New Steyne Road
Surrey Row No longer exists, was north end of Gloucester Place now demolished
Swandean Corner Steer's Bank (mail coach robbery by highwayman Steer)
Tanners Lane No longer exists, was a section of High Street near the Swan Inn
Tarring Road Moll Soles Lane (Heene Road-Tarring crossing section)
Teville Road Vapours Lane (Chapel Road-Heene Road section)
The Square, Braodwater Peryers Row; Ready Money Square
Thorn Road Thorn's Terrace (builder's name)
Victoria Road Fairfield Road (Fairfield House c1846)
Victoria Square Formerly planned on the site of present Queens Road
Wallace Avenue Sea Lane; Elm Grove
Warwick Street Originally part of Old Worthing Street
West Buildings John Street (west side built by John Cranston by 1814)
Winton Place Bo Peep; Bo Peep Lane until 1889

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Subsidy List of 1296, 1327, 1332 & 1524/5


villat' De Bradewatere villat' De Wordyng
Willmo Paynel Galfro Ordrych
Henr' de Lyons Johanne Wylyam
Johanne Blaunchard Robro le Chyld
Relicta Brian Willmo Gorman
Rogero Bolay Ad' le Reue
Rado le Cook Relicta Preest
Godefro Porcar' Rado Briztrich
Willmo Carl Robro Elys
Ricro Jop Robro Foray
Johanne le Trinne Robro Schot
Johanne ater Puttes Cristian Engleys
Ricro le Drynkere Julian' ater Doune
Robro Arnald Waltero ater Halle
Willmo ate Wythye Robro le Preest
Robro Mayne Johanne de Sontyng
Ad' le Knyt Willmo ater Halle
Rado le Eueske Rogo de Colstaple
Willmo le Rede Ad' Bernard
Lucia Relicta Godefri Johanne Stamer
Robro Marescal Is' Relicta Willi Elys
Waltero ate Wyke Gilibro Elys
Galfro de Pechewyke Johanne le Hore
Viuyan Brusyng

Subsidy List for Broadwater and Worthing 1327

Villat' De Bradewatere Villat De Wording
Egidio de Gousill Galfro le Bercher
Willo ate Whithie Robto Stamer
Godefro le Fauconer Gilbto Geruais
Johe Forbench Willo Andro
Willo ate Wyk Robto Phelip
Rogo Melkere Rado Bristrich
Rado le Vesqe Johe ate Rude
Johe Reynold Rogo Forai
Galfro Lamnal Rico ate Hale
Johe in the Hale
Robto le King

Subsidy List for Broadwater 1332

Villat' De Bradewatere
Epo Elyens'
Pho Seer
Willo atte Wyk
Rogo Melker
Dulcia ate Wyk
Symone Coteman
Robto Tourner
Rogo Foray
Oliua Shephurd
Willo Androu
Robto Jan
Robto Phelyp
Johe in the Hale
Willo Badion
Robto Joup
Galfro Laumval
Rado Bristych
Walto Phelyp
Robto ate Halle
Thom Poynaunt
Thom Bernard
Johe Waryn
Thom Willam
Robto Ricard
Willo Elys
Gilbto Geruays

Subsidy List for Broadwater and Worthing 1524-5

Thomas Lewkenor, Esquyer Thomas Moster
   His Servants John Swyfte
   Nycholas Goldyng Felypp Cheseman
   Wyllyam Chowynyng Walter Barbor
   Robert Hall Robert Awcok
Thomas Smyth Henry Mostar
John Grenyar Wyllyam Campyon, snr
Mary Coke John Taverner
   Her Servants Felypp Stainer
   Wyllyam Sowton John Moster
   Thomas Mostar Henry Lokke
John Slutter Thomas Hunt
Thomas Olyvere George a Lee
Robert Benett Wyllyam Chych
Thomas Fyllary Thomas Rayman
Thomas Wulvyn Thomas Stainer
Thomas Teseman (Cheseman) Thomas Tredcroft
John Tanner John Gamond
Richard Lambale Rychard Duke
Wyllyam Gamon Wyllyam Seman
Rychard Gamon John Charman
Thomas Burstowe Wyllyam Jente
John Colowe Thomas Fowler
John Turneagayn John Stainer
Rychard Tye Wyllyam Stainer
John Smyth Thomas Cheseman
Edward Walys Peter Emery
John a Dene Wyllyam Campyon
John a Lye John Gylbert
John Haccher John Kyrkby
John Swyfte Rychard Mostar
Thomas Copar John Blakehurst
Wyllyam Pacche Thomas Taverner
Thomas Hurst Thomas Campyon
John Kempe
John Blakman
Rychard Pyper
Thomas Curlyng
William Gamon

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